Over the last decade, Private Lands Partners Day (PLPD) has evolved to become the premier national gathering of private landowners and resource professionals engaged in public-private conservation partnerships. Private Lands Partners Day 2018 in Springfield, Missouri was a great success attended by almost 200 people. If you missed it, look for a report to be released very soon.

Planning is already underway for Private Lands Partners Day 2019 in Ogden, Utah and the meeting will be held in Oregon in 2020. The events are typically organized by a diverse group of partners, much like a large-scale conservation effort, with state and federal agencies, landowners, and nonprofit organizations among others. These planning teams all want to showcase the partnerships that are getting great work done in landscapes they all value.

In recognition of both the passion and the time and effort that these planning teams put in to the annual event, Partners for Conservation has made it a priority over the last several years to solicit proposals and select locations for the annual event further into the future. Consequently, Partners for Conservation is officially releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) from potential hosts for PLPD 2021 and PLPD 2022 found here.

Partners for Conservation is committed to assisting teams from various potential meeting locations in the development of their proposals and, so far, teams from all the locations that have been proposed have had an opportunity to host. Private Lands Partners Day is a unique event, and a requirement of the proposal is at least one person in the partnership proposing to host must have attended a Private Lands Partners Day in the past. See the RFP for further details, and if you haven’t been to the event, or haven’t been in awhile, please block September 24-26, 2019 on your calendar and plan to join us in Ogden, Utah!