Speaking Engagements and Video Conferencing

Partnerscapes believes that trust, credibility and respect among different perspectives are central to building relationships and partnerships to sustain our working landscapes.  Trust and credibility are built through respectful dialogue and communication.  Partnerscapes is adept at telling stories and engaging different perspectives from a private landowner point of view that has proven to be helpful in starting these conversations.

Partnerscapes annually hosts Private Lands Partners Day, an event focused on presentations and stories of conservation partnerships from landowners and their partners.  Additionally, Partnerscapes has provided speakers for local, state and national events, instructors for private lands conservation training efforts and hosted our own training events focused on starting the conversation among diverse perspectives in working landscapes.

If you have a need for a speaker to get your conservation conversation started, either in person or virtually, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Email:  info@partnerscapes.org

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