About Us

Established in 2008 and incorporated as Partners for Conservation in 2010, Partnerscapes embodies a grassroots movement of private landowners working with agencies, non-profit organizations, and policymakers to collaborate on conservation projects to sustain our working landscapes for present and future generations. Partnerscapes represents the voices of 21st century conservation and the collective effort to support working landscapes through voluntary, incentive-based public and private programs. Partnerscapes is a highly functional, well-respected national organization operating with a small core staff, active Board of Directors, partner organizations and agencies. Partnerscapes has a growing presence across the 50 states. Partnerscapes’ program work and growth reflect highly held values and an exceptional reputation.

The Five Pillars of Partnerscapes

  • Landowner-led
  • Collaboration gets work done
  • Local lessons have national impact
  • Support voluntary incentive-based programs
  • Sustainability is a balance between ecology and economy