Legal and environmental historian and conservationist Lowell E. Baier has recently published a new book, Saving Species on Private Lands: Unlocking Incentives to Conserve Wildlife and Their Habitats.

This handbook walks landowners and their conservation partners through the process of identifying conservation opportunities; developing land management plans; securing financial and technical assistance from federal, state, and private partners; and achieving compliance with laws such as the Endangered Species Act. Covering topics from conservation easements and tax incentives to the Farm Bill and everything in between, every landowner or partner is sure to find information they can use.

“This book takes on the complex issues of how landowners can conserve wildlife, access public and private support for doing so, and avoid regulation under the Endangered Species Act. This practical, well organized book is a valuable resource for landowners, partner organizations, government officials, students, and policymakers alike.” -Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture (2009-2017), Governor of Iowa (1999-2007)

Link to buy the book:
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