With the country still responding to Covid-19, Partnerscapes is seeking your input as we consider decisions regarding our meeting scheduled for early October in central Oregon. There remains a high degree of uncertainty on where things will be in regards to limitations on gatherings, social distancing, and other restrictions in all the states including Oregon this fall. We have some time yet to make decisions and are looking for all the input we can get.

Partnerscapes wants to hear your thoughts, preferences, and comfort level in regards to how we should proceed with the meeting this year. We have developed this SHORT online survey for that purpose. Our thinking is that even when restrictions are relaxed, that there may be a lag between when people are legally able to gather in the hundreds and when they are comfortable, and willing, to do so.

Realizing that not everyone that gets this newsletter has attended, or plans to attend Private Lands Partners Day, we hope everyone considers completing this survey. In the past, we have all attended meetings, conferences, field days, and other similar events. One day we will all have the opportunity to host or attend them again. Your views today on gathering are critical on events planned or contemplated through the end of the year, and we do plan to share what we learn in an upcoming newsletter.

Your participation is completely anonymous. We do want to thank you for your time if you do participate, realizing that many are receiving surveys daily. If you would like to share your email at the end of the survey you will be entered into a drawing for items from a previous Private Lands Partners Day or another gift from the PLPD 2021 planning team. Thank you for considering completing the survey and for all you do everyday for the place where you live!