The Partnerscapes Blog by Steve Jester


Former Partnerscapes Board Director and Georgia tree farmer, Reese Thompson, was recognized by Forest Landowners Association as their Landowner of the Year at their National Conference of Private Forest Landowners held recently in Nashville, Tennessee! Reese Thompson is a multi-generational tree farmer who has worked tirelessly for over two decades to both manage his land for the Longleaf pine ecosystem and build the partnerships that have enabled his success. In addition to being an extremely hands-on forest manager – often joined by his wife Pam and children Reese II and Audrey – Reese has been a leader in bringing attention to issues of importance to landowners and partners managing for this unique southeastern ecosystem.


This ecosystem not only provides timber and other forest products, but habitat for a broad range of endemic plants and animals. Reese has been a landowner leader at the local, state, regional, and national levels as a board member and has partnered with a broad spectrum of public and private organizations that have an interest in the Longleaf system and the wildlife that call it home. Reese is also the creator of Burner Bob, an animated Northern Bobwhite quail, that is an ambassador for both the fire-dependent Longleaf pine ecosystem and for prescribed burning generally, a management tool that is critically important to many of our most threatened natural systems in the United States. Congratulations Reese and family for this recognition for your lifelong work on longleaf and your passion for working with others to achieve great things!


Pictured left to right William (Bill) Owen, Virginia Landowner and Partnerscapes Director, Reese Thompson and Scott Jones, Forest Landowners Association CEO