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Partnerscapes Late October Zoom Events – Private Lands Partners Day and Collaborative Conservation in the West Previews

On October 23rd, we hosted a presentation on results from our 2020 survey of collaborative conservation efforts across eight western states. On October 29th, we hosted a Zoom event previewing Private Lands Partners Day 2021 – Oregon and Private Lands Partners Day 2022 – Arkansas.

2020-11-09T11:59:50-06:00November 9th, 2020|

From Cow to Consumer, a new focus on Grassland Soil Stewardship

This is the third in a series of articles focusing on PFC Director Gary Price and his family’s 77 Ranch in Texas. Gary Price, owner of 77 Ranch in north central Texas, has placed more and more emphasis over the years on what the consumer wants so that he can get the best price for his cattle. His first stop on this journey, which began about 10 years ago, was to convert his herd to crossbred Angus cows that can produce Certified Angus calves, which “has been great.” His cattle are also certified all-natural, meaning no antibiotics and hormones, and he has systems in place for tracking individual animals in the event some require doctoring. To meet the demand for beef from Europe, Gary must be able to verify the age of his cattle as well. Since the mad cow disease scare, most countries in Europe will not accept cattle over 30 months old (as the disease is very rare in cattle this young). Likewise, restaurant chains want to be able to name and trace the beef they serve to its place of origin. “We have nothing to hide,” says Gary. “We hire IMI Global out of Denver as a third-party auditor and another company out of Washington, DC verifies us on animal welfare. All of these things add value because they are what the consumer wants, and they separate us from those who sell beef as a commodity.” Ecosystem [...]

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From Cotton to Bermuda to Native Grass: the 77 Ranch of Central Texas

This is the second in a series of articles focusing on PFC Director Gary Price and his family’s 77 Ranch in Texas. Around the turn of the 20th century, the Blackland Prairie region of Northeast Texas supported a massive amount of cotton production. “Navarro County, where we’re located, had more cotton than than any other county in the country,” says Gary Price.

2020-08-14T15:10:49-05:00May 16th, 2020|

Covid Concerns on the Ranch: Restaurants, processors, and the closeness entailed in loading a cow into a trailer

This is the first in a series of articles focusing on PFC Director Gary Price and his family’s 77 Ranch in Texas. “We are very fortunate to be on the ranch. Most days, we can wander around without interacting with people.” So begins the tale of how the Covid epidemic is affecting the award-winning 77 Ranch in east Texas, owned and operated by Partners for Conservation Director Gary Price and his wife and son.

2020-08-14T15:12:28-05:00May 16th, 2020|

Collaboration Across Conservation and Agriculture in western Washington

In the oft-rainy South Puget Sound region of western Washington, a highly threatened, dry prairie ecosystem persists on droughty soils across a patchwork of prairie preserves and grazed working lands. With recent ESA listings resulting from habitat loss, a team of farmers, researchers, and county planners is seeking to build collaboration across conservation and agriculture.

2020-08-14T15:18:05-05:00February 18th, 2020|

Private Lands Partners Day 2019 Report Released

In September of 2019 almost 170 landowners and conservation partners gathered in Ogden, Utah for the 12th annual Private Lands Partners Day, this year focusing on private lands conservation partnerships in a state where two-thirds of the land is federally-owned.

2020-08-14T15:21:11-05:00December 18th, 2019|

Dedication of the Owen Preserve at Raccoon Creek Pinelands – Virginia

On October 25th, 2019 over 120 family members, neighbors, and conservation partners gathered to dedicate The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Owen Preserve in Yale, Virginia (Sussex County). The Owen land consists of over 1,850 acres and is being managed for recovery of northern savannas, among the rarest of longleaf habitats across the southeastern U.S.

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